Reading List #10




Generator updates

Reading List #9

  • Font Hacking – “primer on extracting, deconstructing, altering and replacing letterforms”. With good jokes.
  • W3C Launches Web and Mobile Interest Group – “that is chartered to accelerate the development of Web technology so that it becomes a compelling platform for mobile applications and the obvious choice for cross platform development” starring Jo Rabin (John Steed), Marcos Caceras (Mike Gambit), Natasha Rooney (Purdey).
  • Responsive Web Design is Solid Gold by Jason Grigsby – “I’m now firmly on the side that there is no mobile context. We have abundant data that shows that people use their mobile devices indoors and for a wide variety of things.”
  • Daala video compression “Daala is the code-name for a new video compression technology.” Hooray! Another video format.
  • “Fuck You” – Brad Frost on deliberately excluding groups of people from the Web
  • port.js is a Chrome-(and-Opera!)–to–Safari porting library for extensions
  • Executive Class – calculating the Myers-Briggs personality type of the London Underground’s Waterloo & City Line
  • The Great Language Game Of thousands of languages spoken in the world, here are seventy. How many can you distinguish between? (my score: 800)

Reading List #8

Web Standards

  • uCSS crawls your website to find unused CSS, duplicate selectors (you can exclude pages/ subdomains)
  • AXR Project – @veosotano’s proposed replacement web stack – XML + HSS (CSS-like with extras) and 1 rendering engine to be used by all browsers (via a plugin for now)